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Frequently Asked Technical Questions – Responses provided by our Clinical Director

Our educational videos feature our highly experienced aesthetic doctors performing treatments they use in their clinics. They are also experienced trainers for Derma Medical internationally.  

Our educational content and videos are designed for medical professionals looking to expand their skills and knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine. 

The techniques demonstrated by the doctors are dependent on the treatment area and will demonstrate a variety of approaches. The videos aim to assess the key anatomy, aesthetic goals for the patient and this will inform the techniques used. Our priority is always on safety.  

Our doctors will demonstrate needle and/or cannula techniques for different areas. The reasoning for the choice of technique will be explained, usually in consideration of aesthetic outcome and safety.  

The practice of aspirating when using dermal fillers is a safety measure which aims reduce the risk of intravascular injection, which can potentially lead to serious complications such as a vascular occlusion (VO). Aspiration involves pulling back on the syringe’s plunger after needle insertion (before injecting the filler) to check for the presence of blood. If blood is aspirated, it may be an indication that the needle may be in a blood vessel. There is currently not robust evidence for aspirating and the current information is primarily derived from clinical experience, expert opinion and anecdotal reports. We view aspiration as tool that can be used to reduce the risk of VO, especially in higher risk areas. Knowledge of anatomy, using the appropriate technique, clinical experience and knowledge of product must can all be utilised in minimizing the incidence of vascular occlusion.  

With our Expert and Elite packages, you will have access to our Case Discussion Webinars and our exclusive Community Forums  

Even though you do not need insurance to view the content on DermaHub, we strongly encourage practitioners to have insurance with the appropriate scope of cover for all procedures they are performing in clinic. This may be unique to your location.  


Our educational content is designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of practitioner’s performing aesthetic procedures. Medical professionals should always practice within their scope of practice and skillset. Derma Medical offers in person training in techniques and complication management around the world.  

A variety of products and brands are used in our educational videos. The trainer will advise on the choice of product and its indication for the treatment in the video.

Our videos of botulinum toxins are used in our training. Our training videos demonstrate how to dilute botulinum toxin for treatment. There will further content about the different types of botulinum toxin coming soon on DermaHub.  

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