Masterclass Series

Learn about our globally renowned injector and trainers’ approaches to more challenging treatment areas with various patient cases. You’ll get lifetime access to these masterclasses so you can always come back and work on improving your facial aesthetics skills.

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In this masterclass series you’ll get access to 16 tutorials of injecting content: lip, nose, tear trough fillers, facial contouring and full facial transformations. These techniques will make sure you give the best results and the experience to your patients and take your clinic up a notch.

  • Lip Masterclass: In these series of videos you will learn about lip injection techniques, lip enhancement methods and lip augmentation procedures. Upskill yourself in one of the most in-demand aesthetic treatments and discover how to get the best results in the most comfortable way for your patients.
    1. Lip Masterclass Techniques
    2. Nasolabial Fold Filler Using Piriform Fossa Technique
    3. Advanced Lip Filler Techniques
  • Facial Contouring Masterclass: Explore innovative cosmetic treatments aimed at creating chiseled jawlines, elongating and protruding the chin, correcting tear troughs, and reshaping the nose – all without the risks or downtime of surgery.
    1. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty the 4-Point Needle Technique
    2. Mid Facial Rejuvenation with Mid Cheek and Tear Trough Correction
    3. Advanced Chin and Jawline Contouring with Needle and Cannula
    4. True Tear Trough Deformity Treatment
    5. Lower Face Structural Rejuvenation and Feminisation
    6. 4-Point Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty
  • Full Facial Transformation: This series includes tutorials from one of Derma Medical’s signature masterclasses for all injectors looking to broaden their skills in facial aesthetics covering full faces and profile harmonisation techniques.
    1. Artistic Facial Transformation- Masculinisation Techniques
    2. Profile Harmonisation Techniques
    3. Structural Rejuvenation Techniques
    4. Temple Filler Techniques
    5. Artistic Chin and Jawline Techniques
  • Tear Through Masterclass: Learning about tear trough filler training is crucial for practitioners aiming to excel in midface rejuvenation. Discover our expert trainers’ approaches to this specific area with our mid-facial rejuvenation tutorial.
    1. Mid-Facial Rejuvenation Using Retaining Ligament Support
  • Nasolabial Masterclass: Stay ahead of the curve with this advanced technique in treating the nasolabial fold to take your results to the next level.
    1. Nasolabial Fold Treatment – Needle Technique
Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment
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